Caligula (1979)

Malcolm McDowell plays the sadistic historical leader who cruelly uses his power to humiliate a young couple in this scene.

Learning the pair are to be married, he insists on checking that the bride-to-be is a virgin. His method is to undress her, place her on a table and fuck her as she sobs, instructing her devastated fiancee not to avert his eyes as he deflowers her. Sure enough, once Caligula withdraws his cock a trickle of blood leaks from between her legs confirming her chastity.

Then McDowell asks the stunned man if he too is a virgin. Replying “No, Caesar” he is shocked when McDowell insists on checking him too by making him crouch on all fours while he sticks a lubricated finger up the man’s ass, causing him to wince in pain.

Caligula forcibly deflowers a young bride

Trip with the Teacher (1975)

This low budget horror film has very little to recommend it save for the presence of pretty heroine Dina Ousley.

She plays the titular teacher who embarks on a trip with four teenage schoolgirls. They get stranded when their bus breaks down, however, and are befriended by a group of bikers who have less than honorable intentions in mind. Dina steps in when one of the bikers makes unwanted sexual advances towards one of her students, and pays the price as she is then callously raped for her troubles.

A teacher is raped in a barn

Left in Darkness (2006)

Pretty blonde Monica Keena is at a party when she blacks out suddenly. She comes round groggily to see a blurry man lying on top of her, fucking her, as a similarly blurry group of men crowd round to watch. Drifting in and out of consciousness, she finally blacks out.

She wakes in a shower cubicle in a dingy bathroom somewhere. Her pants are around her ankles and she realises she’s been gang raped. Sobbing, she hauls herself up and tries to find a way out, only to discover the door is locked. As she goes back towards the cubicle where she woke, she sees herself lying there, motionless, and realises to her horror that she is dead.

An unconscious lady is gang raped

Death Wish II (1982)

Michael Winner’s popular Death Wish franchise featured plenty of graphic depictions of sexual violence. The second installment is no different and casts Silvana Gallardo in the role of a rape victim.

Playing the Bronson family’s Latin maid, she is home alone when a nasty gang of thugs come calling. She is beaten, stripped and raped by more than one assailant and ends up naked and bloody after her ordeal. When Charles Bronson and his daughter arrive home they too are attacked and Silvana tries to phone the police, but she’s stopped by a blow to the face which leaves her spread eagled on her back, full frontally nude and unconscious in the hallway.

A hispanic maid is attacked and indecently assaulted

Straw Dogs (1971)

Sam Peckinpah’s infamous movie was originally banned in countries like Britain because of this controversial scene.

Susan’s ex-boyfriend Del Henney comes to see her when he knows that her husband Dustin Hoffman is out hunting. Henney forces Susan onto the sofa and initiates sex, which she doesn’t appear to want. But then as he gets more insistent and tears off her clothes, she gets into it and by the end of the rape it’s not totally clear whether she enjoyed it or not. It’s this ambiguity that caused it to be banned, as the film appeared to support the feeling that no doesn’t always mean no.

Although Susan is upset after they fuck, it’s unclear whether this is because she betrayed Hoffman or because she was in fact raped. What isn’t in doubt is that Henney’s nasty pal suddenly appears in the house brandishing a gun and anally rapes Susan while she screams and sobs. Henney feels bad for her but does nothing to help her.

Susan George is sexually assaulted by her former lover

A  housewife is forced to have sex at gunpoint

Bad Reputation (2005)

Young college student Angelique is at a party when a guy she barely knows slips her a roofie (rohypnol). Helping the barely conscious teen back to his dorm room, he places her on his bed and starts to get amorous as she mumbles for him to stop.

At this point his two buddies come in (which was pre-planned) and they take it in turns to gang rape her while one guy always keeps watch at the door.

Fear not though, because this is a rape revenge movie and Angelique ends up taking a very bloody revenge on her assailants.

A teenage student is drugged and raped at a party

Lipstick (1976)

70s model Margaux Hemingway plays the subject of a stalker’s unwanted attentions in this controversial thriller.

In this scene obsessed Chris Sarandon ties Margaux to the bed face down. He crudely smears lipstick all over her lips and forces her to give him oral sex. Then he climbs on top of her and anally rapes her as she screams.

Margaux’s (on-screen and real-life) younger sister Mariel bursts in on them but doesn’t fully understand what’s going on. She is upset and runs away, at which point Margaux successfully convinces Chris to untie her so she can go after her sister.

A tied woman is anally raped in her bedroom